Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merely A Comment

I realize this blog is lost in the obscure realm of multitudes
of blogs, but perhaps one day some one (s) will read it and find
something of value in it for their lives - perhaps not.
At any rate I want to express something of "gentleness".
A term not spoken a lot of in the world I live in. Gentleness
is a "fruit of the Spirit". It is GOD'S nature to be gentle
and it has not been absent from His relationship
with me over the years. I can spout all the doctrine and
truth of GOD'S written Word with all the vehemence and dogma
I want but you and I both know that if gentleness is not in my
expression the listener will not hear me.
It is a characteristic of love to be gentle. And anything
I say or do, without love being the motivator, is harsh, worthless, and makes me nothing. This is taught us by GOD in 1st Corinthians 13.
So I admonish myself to seek the heart of GOD and be filled with His Spirit.
After all what is the point in speaking if it is not to be heard?

Friday, December 11, 2009


There lies within the natural heart of man an insatiable desire to be seen, to be heard, to be cared about, to progress, to accomplish, and to gain. The natural outworking of these desires is greed. Greed will always lead to corruption and oppression for man will seek his needs at others expense. The attempt of man to regulate man is in effect an attempt of man to regulate the natural desires of man's heart. When government steps in and tries to determine what is best it can only do so according to the governing person's own desires and hence can only do so by ultimately oppressing those very same desires in others.
If our free enterprize system is to survive and we are to remain a "FREE" people it will not happen by human power regulating human need.... It will take a change of the natural heart of man - a change which can only come from the Creator of that heart. We all know who that is. GOD. We all won't admit that because the natural heart of man is driven by what can only be labeled as "pride"; pride being the idea that "I can do it myself", "I know what is best." As scripture puts it "Every man did that which was right in his own eyes." And what is right in the eyes of man? That which will best serve himself. Me = pride. Until I truly care that your needs are more important than mine. And until I realize that I am flawed and not capable of determining what is best for myself let alone what is best for you, I can only function by what I think and remain in a state of pride. Self!
GOD has to change the heart of man - NOT man has to regulate the heart of man. Our circumstances are not the issues of life. What is in the heart of man are the issues: What is in the heart dictates what I say what I do, what I think. My actions are the expression of what I believe in my heart. Man believes in his heart that what is best for me is best for everyone. What serves me is what drives me down the road of life. The Creator ONLY can change that and hence the Creator only can fix what ails any society, any individual. Man will continue to try and make life better by what he thinks is "better" and in the process man's resolutions will result in the formation of other problems.

Monday, November 30, 2009


There is not a day that passes
that I do not grieve for your pain.
Not a day passes I do not feel your loss.
Everyday I am reminded of my failure,
your pain, and my inability to undo it.
I knew the day I walked out (1/1/1979)
that you would hurt the rest of your life,
and I would feel your hurt the rest of my life.

I have not, since that day, believed that I
had any right to be happy, nor to take
any pleasure in life. I had been party to
hurting my sons by denying them their father;
and for that, "what rights do I have?" None.

The apologies have been made;
the wounds try to heal;
but so much scarring that the beauty
of life is known only in memory.


It is likely few people read this blog.
It is doubtful few people care for it's content.
It is, however, not doubtful that I find
this blog an outlet for that which burdens
and that which rejoices my heart.

For example I have an opinion of the internet which burdens my mind.
A great form of communication; I dare say that all man's so called
knowledge can be accessed on the internet. All his philosophies,
all his insights, all his academic knowledge, all his scientific knowledge;
Everything this human race has ever produced from it's heart and mind
is no doubt accessible to every human being with a computer.
Is this not great? In deed it is great!
the draw back of that is that every bit of hate, despair, anger, stress,
pain and sorrow; every perversion of the thoughts of man, every corrupt deed,
every anti righteous deed that man has experienced or cast upon another
is also spewed out before the world for all to see.
The question I have, "What is the wisdom in that?"

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Revelation of my heart

It was a revelation when my heart broke and tears flowed in waves down the cheeks of a face drawn with pain. The past had been sorted with deeds around the country - done in the name of the LORD and with a heart for His pleasure to be found in my heart and life; yet, I have reached total lack of understanding as to the course my life has been on.
I know I love my Father in heaven - I know I have pursued the understanding of His heart every day for years, but what is illusive to me is the "why" of my circumstances: Circumstances numerous and varying.
In spite of my love and pursuit and dedication to the relationship of Father and son, I have trodden many a changing path in the hunt for service to Him. If I escape the burden of life having done what pleases Him I will step into those pearly gates with a sense of having run and finished the race that was set before me: BUT, if I come face to face with my LORD and Savior and have not bore all the fruit He had wanted me to, then my head will hang low in deed. Hence, I continue the pathway on which I am set in the hope that finally I have reached the road He pleases me to travel; by His grace never to stray from it, no matter the gates of hell come against me.

Friday, October 23, 2009


In 1450 BC Amalek fought with Israel in Rephidim - in the wilderness after their exodus out of Egyptian bondage (Exodus 17:8). Four hundred and sixty years latter (1050 BC) the LORD, in remembrance of this deed of the Amalekites, instructs King Saul, of Israel (their first king), to go to war against Amalek and destroy all peoples including women and children, and all livestock.
God had not forgotten nor overlooked what the Amalekites did to His people ion the wilderness - and had told Abraham, yea, had promised Abraham, He would curse all those who cursed Israel (Abraham's seed). GOD had proven Himsaelf faithful to His word once again in keeping this promise. He also proved His love for His own in that any who would dare to harm the children of GOD would some day feel the wrath of GOD come down upon them.
God is the protector and avenger of His own. In fact He states in Romans 12:19 "Vengance is mine saith the LORD, I will repay." and again in Hebrews 10:30 He makes a similar statement [which is actually a quote from Deut. 32:35, in a song spoken by Moses to the Israelites], in which is declared that GOD iin deed would avenge His people in "due time."

Monday, August 10, 2009


1 Chronicles 17 King David of Israel - his heart's desire
K. David in great zeal for the LORD GOD has the desire of heart
to build a house for the Ark of the Covenant to dwell in.
Because David was a man of war and had shed blood
GOD said "no" to him building this house for GOD.
THIS IS WHAT COMES TO MIND concerning this;
- it was in David's heart to do this
- Nathan, a man of GOD and His prophet, encourages
David to follow his heart and further states that "GOD is with him..."
- all this heart-felt faith and desire in a man after GOD'S own heart,
and GOD refuses to let him do it.

We have a desire of the heart, a man of GOD encouraging us to follow
that desire, and GOD saying no to that desire.

Four statements by GOD come to mind;
1. "Delight thyself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart"
Psalms 37 by David
2. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick"
Proverbs by Solomon
3. The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked."
by Jeremiah
4. Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life."
by Matthew

It would seem that we cannot predict what GOD will do. We may have burning desire within our heart for service to GOD and find it to be NOT His will. I myself have thought that because it burned within my heart, and because it was verifiable with scripture, it must indeed be His will and His leading in my heart.This was apparently a misnomer in that three years into the so called ministry for the LORD, after having sacrificed even my integrity, I was (am) in huge difficulty.The heart, my heart, had deceived me into thinking that GOD was directing me when in fact my carnal mind had discerned His leading and not His wisdom. Truly my hope was deferred and my heart has become sick, but my own failure to guard my heart has resulted in issues that seem insurmountable to me.
David desired in his heart, it was not an idea in his head but something residing
in the very depths of his being - seems real - seems godly - seems like GOD leading, but, GOD said no to this heartfelt desire. Truly David "delighted" in the LORD GOD, yet his desire of heart was to be fulfilled in his son after his death and not in him in his lifetime. Had GOD lied? Not hardly. Then what? It was not in GOD'S heart for David to do this - for whatever reason.
To myself I would advise in the future that I truly seek the wisdom of GOD in discerning what I perceive to be His will and His leading. And if in fact I run up against a stone wall in my pursuit of that "perceived leading" I pray I can as David did and rejoice in the LORD anyway.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Among the writers of songs, known to us as Psalms, is Asaph who wrote in the 78th Psalm concerning the relationship between GOD the Father and Israel. A statement he makes concerns thee fact that they "were armed for the battle and had bows but turned back from the fight" GOD was not at all pleased with this. They had not stuck to the stuff. In the day of adversity they did not stand and fight - even being armed they did not stand toe to toe with the battle. We have admonishment in Ephesians to put on the whole armor of GOD and after doing all we can to stand then stand. We are armed with the Word of GOD, the Spirit of GOD, faith and salvation - turning away from the battle we ought not do. Galatians tells us that if we do not become weary in well doing we will in deed reap the harvest in due season. The battle is ours to fight and the promise is eventual victory. No matter how many falls we experience we need to just get up and keep on going, with faith in GOD and His promises - keep on keeping on and we will overcome.
We can often see the task as to big for us, the battle to fierce for us to endure, and often feel we are beating our head against the wall going no where - like what is the point; but we can always go one more day of battle, one more day of trial or tribulation, one more day of disappointment and let down, one more day of standing. Let us not faint, let us not give up nor give in; The day is coming when we step into heaven, into absolute total victory - into paradise and no more need for battle - so hold on one more day - go to the LORD today, just like yesterday, and lay your confidence and hope on Him - keep on.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Beware of being led to believe that the giving of
money is the sowing of a seed of faith which will
prompt GOD to respond by heaping riches
you. Scripture teaches us in the epistles that

we are to be content with having food & raiment;
and the gospels teach us to take no thought for
what we will eat, drink or wear tomorrow but seek
the kingdom of GOD and His righteousness and
these things will be added unto you. We cannot
buy GOD nor His blessings. The man
in Acts
offered to buy the gift of GOD from the
and he was cast out for it.

Grace is not a reward nor a wage it is just what
it says - GRACE - pure unearned favor from GOD.
There is no gospel that has a $ price tag -
the gospel of Jesus Christ was paid for by Him
and that price was His life. Our access to GOD
and His grace is faith -the price we pay is to
believe (Romans 5:1).
I say again BEWARE - search the
scriptures daily to see if what you are being taught
is true. The church of Berea checked on the
Apostle Paul and was considered much more faithful

for doing so. (Thessalonians)


A. THEOLOGICAL: In the Epistle (letter) to the Roman believers
is clearly stated that justification & righteousness is of Jesus
Christ, and Him alone: Then is delineated in chapters 1-8 why
that is the way it is.

B. RELATIONAL: In Job is stated the helplessness of man
against GOD; That is to say that man is at the mercy of GOD:
Then is delineated in chapter 9, 10, 12 and 13 the evidence
that that is in deed the way it is.

My conclusion to these two facts of comparison is;
1. consistency of GOD in His methods
2. the complete dependence man has on GOD - complete being
the key word
3. the predictability and unpredictability of GOD - that is to say
GOD is knowable and not knowable
4. Job teaches us about the relationship we have with the
Father and Romans gives us the supporting doctrine
and/or theology that makes that relationship truth.

If I am being chastised by GOD for sin in my life or, I
am being assaulted by Satan for the purpose of tearing
down my faith, is really in the final analysis irrelevant - Job
is making this point: For either way GOD is at work; either
chastising or testing me - and using Satan as the instrument
or tool to do so.

Satan taunted GOD about Job's faith and GOD permitted Satan
to put it to the test. Jobs statement concerning the
excruciating tribulation he found himself in illustrates the
certainty of being a child of GOD and the uncertainty of being
a child of GOD: Which is to say that my faith is tested no
matter if I know or do not know what is going on, and as Job
said, so will I be able or not be able to say, "though He slay
me yet will I trust Him."

Many people trust in the facts and not in the Person.
Many will never know nor experience - the power of GOD in
their heart and soul because they seek only the facts not
the Person. They seek a knowledge of GOD which is academic
in nature rather than, or in the exclusion of, an intimate
knowledge of the Father.

Job teaches us, or rather Job's experience of life and his
reaction to GOD over it, that GOD cannot be predicted. The
chasm between the finite mind of man and the infinite mind
of GOD is so large man cannot see the other side of the canyon.
"His ways are past finding out."

When we look at Job's statements we see a man knowing he
cannot justify himself before GOD - When we look at Romans
1-8 we see why man is not justified by law and hence has no
medium for justifying himself and therefore needs justification
outside himself. Job knows that right or wrong, good or bad,
just or wicked, he has no means within himself or his life to
stand before GOD and merit GOD'S grace/mercy. Romans
teaches us why that is. Romans 1-8 gives doctrine to the
supporting of how Job viewed GOD in relationship to Him.

IN EFFECT: Rms. 2:29, 2Cor. 3:6
Job shows relationship (the spirit);
Romans shows doctrine/theology (the letter of the law)


The war between the flesh & the Spirit is over which one gets or has control.
I always thought it was a war to conquer the flesh, [and indeed conquering the
flesh lies within the heart of every believer], however I have discovered it to
be a war over which I will walk in, the flesh or the Spirit.

To be conformed to the image of Christ has become, in my heart and life,
a matter of walking after the Spirit, which is to say,
"minding the things of the Spirit" [Romans 8]; verses serving the
desires of the flesh: Will I serve the fleshly desire for comfort and pleasure
or will I seek the things that the Spirit of GOD seeks. Clearly stated
by GOD is the fact that if one walks in the Spirit they will not fulfill
the lusts of the flesh. It is not for me to conquer the flesh but rather to be
filled with the Spirit, [Galatians 5].

We do not overcome by doing, we overcome by being.
It is not doing good works, it is being spiritual.
Actions are not the method, they are the results.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


There is something that has troubled me for quite some time, it is the impersonal manner in which the web sites designed for contact and communication, are used. I am personnaly associated with several sites on which people contact me in a very generic and impersonal manner. Their messages are written for the masses and when attempt is made to draw out a personal contact it seems to become a point of contention; contention which seems to draw response from others looking on. I have as a result withdrawn myself from several sites that otherwise could be of great encouragement to others. I think this world does not need multitudes of preachers trying to reach the masses but rather a multitude of people in love with our heavenly Father and therefore our neighbor- the result of which being personal one on one building of relationships that truly demonstrate the love for one another that does for and to, rather than says. That is to say love is something one does to someone not say about some one.
The web sites - of which I have several of my own - easily become very impersonal and hence a safe haven from which we can spout our innermost thoughts, feelings and convictions and do not run the risk of rejection and/or retaliation - and if rebuttal does come we merely erase it. If we leave out the personal we are safe, but we starve for fellowship and growth is hindered and people are not encouraged and exhorted - we have stolen the privilage others have of truly knowing us and gleaning from us that which GOD has given us.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The picture has meaning in that it is an ever changing painting in live by the Creator and were it not for GOD's faithfulness to His own I would find unbearable loneliness in this world.
I pray you find the fellowship in Him and in His people that soothes the longings of the human heart for the intimacy with one another built in by GOD, who likewise longs for our fellowship.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Man has sought security in insurances, armies, weapons, walls, laws, sea walls, police, and a multitude of other ways; yet security remains illusive: Hurricanes, wars, stock market crashes, economic collapses, governments, disease, and death ALL & more have proven life insecure. SO WHERE DO WE FIND IT?




Once a Presbyterian church this stain glass work in Delacroix Hope Baptist Church presents to the viewer the agape love of GOD in sacrificing His only Son for the atonement and redemption of all who would believe. In deed we are born in sin. Sin meaning in direct opposition to the ways and person of our Creator. JESUS is our only certain hope we can find on earth.


This cross is a memorial for those who died in St Bernard parish at the ruthless hands of Katrina in 2005. But for the cross of CHRIST GOD'S grace would escape my heart and parish I would.
But even from day to day I find the need for His graciousness - His mercy.
No new revelation here but certainly as profound as it gets. What does the cross mean to you? Will you trust the Savior's work and sacrifice on your behalf?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Am NOTHING-Think not to highly of oneself

If CHRIST does not immerse me in His cleansing blood I am and will continue to be dirty. For without Him I am nothing and with Him I am only what He in graciousness and mercy makes of me; Yes I said mercy for my best is still far short of His love and holiness, and therefore I require His merciful and gracious love or I will remain nothing. GOD be merciful to me a sinner.
The world would not stop turning if this cog fell off -
I am but a spoke amongst many
which if broken
the wheel would continue to roll down the path of life;
ought I think highly of myself?


The war of the believer is not aimed at conquering but at submitting.
I do not conquer my flesh, I live in His Spirit.
Huge difference!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Though He slay me yet will I trust Him",
this was Job's words following the loss of family fortune and health;
I could not compare my loss to that having lost only job,
possessions, home, and am loosing my sense of value after
making a sacrifice I thought significant for the benefit of others,
only to my own burden. I cannot find a job nor even get an interview in my trade and my profession. Don't get it

Friday, January 2, 2009


It may be presumptuous of me to think that what I have to say is so important that you should listen, yet there resides within me the compulsion to express that which GOD has so graciously shown me from His Word and it's outworking in my life. So I would ask you to bear with my arrogance in purporting my heart to this blog with the anticipation someone might actually read it and even more presumptuous the thought they might actually gain something of value from it.

I would like to speak of who teaches us the word.
WHO IS THE TEACHER - the text is Isaiah 28:9
"Whom shall He teach knowledge? and whom
shall He make to understand doctrine?
them that are weaned from the milk,
and drawn from the breasts."

Who teaches knowledge and makes one
to understand doctrine? The LORD of hosts
Whom does He teach? Them that are weaned
from the milk and drawn from the breasts.

GOD, through the prophet Isaiah, has told us
that He in deed teaches and gives understanding.
Jesus said the same thing in the book of John (New Testament),
when He stated that the Spirit would "guide us into
all truth": But GOD also through Isaiah teaches us that the instruction and understanding He gives He gives to those who no longer need the milk of the Word. When we have grown to the point of eating the meat, (Hebrews 5), when we are able to chew and digest the meat, then GOD Himself will teach us.
When we ourselves can sit down with His Word and study it carefully and prayerfully for the truth of His knowledge and the understanding of His doctrine without someone interpreting it for us, and begin to go beyond the obviously stated doctrine and begin to dissect it, compare and contrast it, define it in it's own realm, then He Himself will become our schoolmaster - our teacher. It will become a personal intimacy between us and our Creator; and He will begin to teach us precept after precept, line of thought after line of thought, a little knowledge from here and from there, and piece by piece GOD will construct our hearts and lives with His knowledge,
[knowledge of Him - an intimate knowledge, not academic], with His ways, with the thoughts and intents of His heart;.......
but you see it is only going to become a reality that we gain knowledge & understanding when our dependence for learning is no longer from, or on, the preacher, the teacher, the scholar, or any other human being, but rather we have come to a point in our life where we personally seek to know the heart of GOD - when we make it a personal relationship with Him - when we desire to no longer be spoon or bottle fed, but have been weaned off the knowledge and understanding of others and are seeking personal knowledge of GOD, first-hand and intimate knowledge of and from Him. [At some point we might expound the 2nd chapter of Proverbs, the first 15 verses in this regard.]
Brother I want to sat that sitting with GOD our Father and seeking to know what He has to teach me is in deed a place of rest for me, and His knowledge flows freely from His heart to mine as He opens the eyes of my understanding and speaks knowledge of Himself to me - without stuttering and stammering, but rather with clarity, conciseness, congruence and comprehensiveness. Oh how delightful are the hours spent alone with Him, how delightful when here or there in life the lights go on and one sees GOD'S precept in reality, when GOD'S principles are no longer good teaching but everyday realities of life revealing the truth of His Word; when GOD begins and continues to show Himself through His Word in conjunction with everyday life and learning is no longer rote memorization but living realityy with Him, in Him, by Him and from Him. Such hope and excitement that comes from the realization of His presence, His teaching, His personal interest in us individually. This is where learning takes place - this is where understanding is illuminated, this is where we see our faith is not blind: WHERE? When we are acutely aware that we are in Him and He in us, and we are personally being taught by the Creator Himself.

WHERE? Where it is just YOU and me - my heart and Your heart melting together as one - when being alive with the joyful realization that it is You and I together and I am in the covert of Your wings with the ears of my heart tuned into Your "still small voice." Your voice that stills the raging sea whithin and makes light work of the tempestuous trial of life without. WHERE? Where Your teachings, Your speaking to me does not cause me distress, does not beat me down, does not break me to such a degree I cannot be put back together, does not bring me harsh conviction that I run from or feel trapped by - But rather Your voice to me is calming, gentle, assuring, restful and delightful, and molding to my heart and soul - Yea, the joy and rejoicing of my heart.

Now let me say this, no human being can grow themselves, IE makes themselves enjoy hearing the voice of GOD in their heart telling us of His ways, His desires, His heartfelt intents. To enjoy the presence and person of GOD, without intentional exercise of will power in causing it to be so, is something only the very Spirit of our LORD in us can and must bring about within our most deceitful and desperately wicked hearts'. He must grow us or we will not truly grow; and yet we are so judgmental of ourselves and otherds because we and/or they are not all we expect they should be.
How does this attitude in life fit with the saying of Hebrews 6,
"Let us go on onto perfection
and this will we do
if GOD permit."
He is permitting or not permitting growth.
He grows us up or we don't grow up.
He weans us off the milk and the breasts
and unto the strong meat. [note Hebrews 5/6]

We might take note that Isaiah writes of GOD teaching the "weaned", and 800 years latter the writer of Hebrews speaks of GOD allowing us to be eaters of "strong meat" and no longer drinkers of "milk" - of GOD allowing us to go on onto perfection ("maturity").
[How comprehensive are His unchanging ways,
and His ability to compose Himself with congruity
into His written word without error.]!