Saturday, May 2, 2009


There is something that has troubled me for quite some time, it is the impersonal manner in which the web sites designed for contact and communication, are used. I am personnaly associated with several sites on which people contact me in a very generic and impersonal manner. Their messages are written for the masses and when attempt is made to draw out a personal contact it seems to become a point of contention; contention which seems to draw response from others looking on. I have as a result withdrawn myself from several sites that otherwise could be of great encouragement to others. I think this world does not need multitudes of preachers trying to reach the masses but rather a multitude of people in love with our heavenly Father and therefore our neighbor- the result of which being personal one on one building of relationships that truly demonstrate the love for one another that does for and to, rather than says. That is to say love is something one does to someone not say about some one.
The web sites - of which I have several of my own - easily become very impersonal and hence a safe haven from which we can spout our innermost thoughts, feelings and convictions and do not run the risk of rejection and/or retaliation - and if rebuttal does come we merely erase it. If we leave out the personal we are safe, but we starve for fellowship and growth is hindered and people are not encouraged and exhorted - we have stolen the privilage others have of truly knowing us and gleaning from us that which GOD has given us.