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2nd Peter 1:1-4 (read this)

"...the knowledge of GOD..."

leads us (or shows us)

"...all things that pertain to life and godliness..."

within these things are

"...exceeding great and precious promises..."

the fulfillment of which makes us

"...partakers of the divine nature."

It should be noted here that the divine nature - of GOD -
is put in our hearts--------------
and manifested in our lives------ i.e. being made in the image of CHRIST
the promises of GOD (faith in)
the exercise of my (mans") will power
It would appear to me that if He makes me promises I must trust that word of promise and in so doing I escape judgment - find myself declared righteous, according to the blood of JESUS CHRIST - and realize the indwelling of His Spirit; i.e. partaking of divine nature...
But I must know the promises and therefore must find knowledge of GOD. I dare say it is an experiential knowledge: That is to say, I read and study His Word and watch as that word becomes alive - real in my life and the life around me.
It is not academic knowledge, it is real life knowledge being understood as GOD understands it: And that understanding for man is found in what GOD has said (i.e. revealed) of Himself in and/or through His written Word - Which I would declare to be the revelation of Himself on paper - the written word. I think what I am trying to say is that certainly knowing the facts of GODS' Word is important but if that knowledge does not becoming understanding it is mere academics and of no real value...But when one experiences the facts it becomes more than academic knowledge it becomes understanding (and even wisdom may spring forth).
An example of this is in the response GOD had to Abraham when he willingly laid Issac on the alter to sacrifice him to GOD; and the LORDS' reply to that action was "...for now I know that you fear GOD seeing you have not withheld your son, your only son." Genesis 22.. GOD knew ahead of time what Abraham would do when commanded by the ALMIGHTY to sacrifice this his promised son - However when Abraham did it GOD experienced the fear of Him Abraham had. Hence, the word knowledge, or knowing becomes an experiential knowing.
all a question of faith - It is based on faith - it is revealed only through faith -
Belief is absolutely essential!!
AND to that faith GOD would see added
virtue >+
knowledge >+
temperance >+
patience >+
godliness >+
brotherly kindness >+
Are there promises concerning these characteristics being added to our hearts and lives that make us "partakers of the divine nature" - GODS' nature? Perhaps put another way, 'Are these characteristics describing the very nature and "image" of JESUS which GOD has stated He "predestinated us to be conformed to (romans 8)??
AND does He do the conforming, or when He says "Besides all this add to your faith...", is He expecting me (us) to be the potter and exercise our will and power to conform ourselves to this image, or with theses characteristics??

************* **************
Let us divert for a moment and see how in fact "virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, and godliness, and love" actually get into our lives (heart and soul). Let us see if it is in fact the work of my effort OR is it the work of another - such as the Holy Spirit.
A text that comes to mind is in Galatians 5 where it speaks of "the fruith" of the _Spirit being
etc. etc. etc.
POINT A> 2nd Peter lists the characteristics we are told to add to our faith, and several of these characteristics are considered fruit of the Holy Spirit - i.e. things HE - the SPIRIT - produces!! What are they again? temperance, love, goodness and even faith.

POINT B> We also know according to James 1 that patience is a result of our faith being tried: AND who tries our faith? Is it we ourselves? No, not us!! Who put Job to the test? And what of Job did GOD say in James 5? "...consider the patience of Job"

So it seems as though of the six characteristics we are admonished to add to our faith at least three of them are added by means other than our efforts - will power - They seem to be molded into my live by means outside of myself. Even the faith we begin with is a fruit of the Spirit and seemingly not something I muster up inside of me.
So how do I understand this imperative - this commandment, to "...add to your..."; or any other commandment in the OT or NT? If GOD tells me to do something and then shows me elsewhere in scripture that it is not me that does it then when I read a commandment (an imperative) what am I to understand that GOD is saying to me?
Consider the statement of Romans 9, "So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of GOD that shows mercy." Please take note of the context of this statement, it is conjunction with a dissertation that speaks to the fact that GOD is "the potter" and we are "the clay".
My conclusive questions are then, 1. Is He telling me to do ____?
2. Is He telling me 'this is how life works?'

I think when I read a commandment, that it is either 1. or 2.. It may be neither. But certainly there is cause to raise these 2 questions: For undoubtedly when you read and study GODS' Word you are confronted with an abundance of commandment, and you will find those commandments get fulfilled in some way; and very often that way is other than an act of my strength in exercising my will power.

Do I make it happen?
Do I have the (a) responsibility?
Is GOD expecting me to make myself be____?

In other words we are asking, Where oh GOD does your sovereignty and my will meet?
A question to ponder for awhile and deal with at a latter time.
Do you have any thoughts?

************ **************

SO, these things, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, love
all being added to my faith, are abounding in my life: That is to say,
I am very moral, have a lot of self - control and endurance; I am godly and quite kind to my brother; and, GODS' love fills my heart:::
This abundance makes my knowledge of my LORD JESUS CHRIST, fruitful knowledge. I have not a mere academic knowledge that can shout doctrine and theology, and quote verses; I have a fruitful and non barren knowledge. A knowledge that has or does benefit someone.
It is almost as if the virtue, the knowledge, the temperance ... the love are fertilizer that stimulates the fruit bearing life within or without. In either case the knowledge of my LORD will not be barren but rather fruitful if these things abound in me.
AND this brings me right back to virtually the same question which we just addressed, 'How do these things become abundant in my life? GOD'S not only talking about having these characteristics in my life, but having an abundance of these characteristics. And quite frankly when I look at this list of traits it looks to big a task for me to ADD these all in abundance to my life.
I took this statement concerning the fruitfulness of the knowledge of CHRIST (vs. 8) and understand it to say that gaining much knowledge will produce this fruit then there is hope in my heart for these characteristics to enter into me and to become abundant in me. For I believe the more I study GODS" written word for the purpose of knowing Him intimately then the more of His heart He will reveal to me (Prov. 2:1-15), and I will find myself becoming more like Him (1 John 3:2). If GOD is virtuous, knowledgeble, self controlled, patient, godly, kind and loving then I would be being conformed to His image (the image of CHRIST); Hence my knowledge of JESUS CHRIST is experiential and has become fruitful.
THIS IS what I think happens and THIS IS what I think (believe) He is teaching in this passage. The knowing of GOD, being personal, being intimate, and being experiential knowledge will undoubtedly lead to a filling of my heart ans soul with Him, or of Him, which will innately result in a fruitfulness that is abundant with His virtue, knowledge, self control, endurance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love.
This is not and understanding that has come from just this passage of scripture in 2nd Peter 1, but rather this understanding is based on the immediate context in light of how it weaves into the whole picture of GODS" Word.

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We are looking at what GOD has recorded in the letter He had written to the saints at Ephesus and to the faithful in CHRIST JESUS. Specifically something He stated in chapter 2 that grabbed my attention this week: "Wherefore remember, that you being in times past Gentiles in the flesh, who are called uncircumcision by that which is called the circumcision in the flesh made by hands; That at that time you were without CHRIST, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without GOD in the world:..." ( Ephesians 23:11/12 through 3:20) I am going to write this basically the way I notated my time this week sitting at the table with my Fathers' word in hand and His Spirit guiding me into truth (In effect it is the heart felt relationship I have with the LORD). BEGIN;

Circumcision - the JEW
(in the flesh - made by hands)
>"the law of commandments"
ie. the 1st oracles of GOD (Rms. 2)
(given them by GOD)

Uncircumcision - the GENTILE (in the flesh - made by hands)
aliens from the commonwealth of Israel
> without CHRIST
> strangers from the covenants of promise

"Were afar off
made nigh by the blood of CHRIST"

CHRIST made both one.
broke down the middle wall of partition:
which is the "enemy":
which is the "law of commandments"
that are contained in "ordinances".

The cross
___ reconciled both Jew and Gentile
___ made both one body
___ of the twain made one man
___ gave access to both, by one Spirit, unto GOD

Making them (the Gentiles) members of the household of GOD, (fellow citizens with the Jews)
the Jews and Gentiles now being one man, one body, one household of faith are as one building "fitly framed together": JESUS CHRIST being the chief cornerstone.

one cornerstone
one building
one habitation of GOD
one holy temple
one body of CHRIST
one church

The cross of JESUS tore down the walls of division by taking away - abolishing - the "law of commandments". One might say that 'law' brings division.
We do not live by a book of rules. The law of commandments was replaced by "the law of the Spirit of life in CHRIST JESUS" (Rms. 8). The "law of commandments" is the "law of sin and death." (Rms.7)

A. the law of the "Spirit of life", is in CHRIST romans 8
B. the law of "sin and death", is in 'my members' romans 7
C. the law of "commandments", is in 'ordinances' ephesians 2

pros and cons:
for A. Romans 7/8
-freedom from the law of sin & death
-freedom from condemnation >>> life

for B. Romans 7/8
- captivity to the doing of evil when I would do good
- sin in my members >>> death

for C. Ephesians 2
- brings division
- lack of peace
- it is the enemy - it is a wall between peop

You made a covenant with Abraham which was for the whole world, the whole of mankind.

1st You introduce yourself to Israel (the direct descendants of Abraham) - you give them your law - of commandments -(your oracles: you deliver them in mighty ways from the "iron furnace". I.E. You make a awesome display of your power - "the power of GOD".
You make your presence known AND you chose a nation, which you yourself raise up, through whom to make your presence known: Thus making Israel a rather special people.

2nd You send JESUS into the world - your Son - your "only begotten" Son - you in the flesh. He dies for all mans' sin. In so doing He abolishes the "law of commandments", and by such a mean the door is open for all mankind (each individual) to become GODS" special, chosen, children, sons & daughters, fellow citizens of your household. This is accomplished by your Spirit.
It is a spiritual union - a spiritual kingdom - a spiritual household - a spiritual family; the same spirit in every family member.

physical - flesh - natural
a kingdom or household built with hands nor governed by laws.

a habitation for GOD.
GOD, who is spirit.

It was never in GODS' heart and mind that He 'offer Himself to the Jew and since they rejected Him He went to the Gentile'. It was always in His scheme of things that all men be adopted as sons: The Jew first then the Gentile was the mechanism, if you will, by which GOD offered Himself as a Father to all mankind - all men everywhere.
THE ULTIMATE, DRIVING DESIRE in GODS" heart was by this whole action (labeled 1st, and 2nd in above notations)
of, or in, or with the human race would lead to the church, and in so doing be a demonstration of His "manifold wisdom". note Eph. 3:9-_.
That is to say in effect GOD was and is saying "look at me, look at the plan I devised and how I worked it and brought about its' reality." AND TO WHOM was this demonstration?
"the principalities
and powers in heavenly places"

WE AS HUMANS SOMEHOW THINK THAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT US - WITH THAT THINKING COMES greed, self-centeredness, rebellion, rejection (of GOD and Jesus), disbelief - unbelief.

We are a demonstration of GODS" manifold wisdom. THAT MAKES US SPECIAL!! ALL OF US - ALL MEN WHO WILL ACCEPT HIM ON HIS TERMS

What are His terms? Faith in JESUS CHRIST - life death and
resurrection on my behalf; and the fact that He is LORD; ie. GOD in flesh.

GOD had a plan,
brought about the church

EARTHLY; That the Gentiles should bee "fellow heirs, and of the same body, and partakers of His promise in CHRIST by the gospel: eph. 3:6

HEAVENLY;"To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be know
by the church
the manifold wisdom of GOD; eph. 3:10

NOTE: The church is the instrument, or rather the sculpture, not made by hands, but indeed fashioned by the hand of GOD Almighty (THE POTTER),; this sculpture demonstrates how utterly wise our heavenly Father is!! He is not saying here that His "manifold wisdom" be seen by us,
but rather "us", we, are the demonstration of that "manifold wisdom"

I must be careful to avoid redundancy, but also I am compelled to express the utter delight that swells within my heart and would burst it asunder with joy over the extreme wisdom of GOD that this passage of eph 2:11 - 3:22 has revealed to my heart; by the express effort of the "rabbi", the "Master" : Heart to heart >> graciously, relentlessly, persistently and tenderly in the person of His Spirit .

And it does no desist, for not only has He expressed repeatedly, the oneness of this 'family', this 'household' of GOD, this 'building fitly framed together' for a 'habitation of GOD' grown into a 'holy temple', BUT, He has admonished us to a love in CHRIST that "surpasses knowledge" - eph. 3:19 - and by which we "might comprehend "the breadth"
"the length"
"the depth"
and "the height
of this love CHRIST HAS for me, and thereby be filled with all the FULLNESS OF GOD
an experiential knowledge of the hiegth, the breadth, the length, and the depth of CHRIST' love - NOT academic knowledge,,BUT a love/faith that is rooted (it is grown like trees in dirt) and grounded (solid in it) in my heart for Him and from Him. ooooo! that is what its' all about. THAT passes knowledge - that fills a man with GODS" FULLNESS!!!

I must at this time cease to write more, for the ecstatic and overwhelming vision of what He has stated in this afore mentioned scripture, has so consumed my heart with excitement over the vision of Him it presents to the eyes of my heart, that I must muse upon the sight for some amt. of time before I can move forward with this dissertation that seeks to lay down upon the pulp of trees the words that would strive to convey the depths of my heart in the regards of my Father.

Is He able to do exceeding abundantly above what we could ask or think? eph. 3:22
Ohh ya! this very passage 'we have expounded', we have ' shared', GOD has revealed of Himself

has in and of itself given me a vision, a closeness to His heart, that I neither ever imagined possible nor ever dreamed existed. It absolutely enamors me with Him, to Him, and for Him.
Oh how I pray, how I desire
that ALL men, everywhere, would know experience that at "His right hand are pleasures forevermore. Pleasure beyond the wildest dream. Pleasure in the Spirit of the heart and soul that are so rich, full, and consuming that the things of earth truly do grow dim - do indeed lose their value.
No happening - No circumstances - No loss -- No grieve - No person - No thing - can possibly overshadow the pleasure of knowing intimately GOD.

There was a DIVISION:
1. circumcision and uncircumcision
2. aliens form the commonwealth
3. strangers from the covenants
4. no hope and without GOD
5. afar off
6. middle wall of partition
7. the enemy ... even "the law of commandments"
8. strangers and foreigners

Then came UNITY:
1. to make ... of twain one ... peace
2. broken down the middle wall...
3. made nigh
4. ...reconcile one body
5. slain the enemy
6. ...both access by one Spirit
7. fellow citizens
8. in whom all the building fitly framed together
9. of the household of GOD
10. builded together for a habitation...through the Spirit
11. of whomm the whole family of heaven & earth is named

This was PLANNED:
1. mystery
2. not known
3. now made known
4. The Gentiles should be fellow heirs
5. fellowship of the mystery
6. has been hid in GOD from the beginning of the world
7. to the intent
8. ...might be known by...
9. according to the eternal purpose which He purposed

1. being rooted & grounded in love
2. may be able to comprehend
3. what is the breadth, the length, the depth, the height
4. and to know the love of CHRIST
5. which passes knowledge

1. being filled with the fullness of GOD
2. see that He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all...
3. see that, that same power is in us

Since GOD created man He has been working a plan that would demonstrate His "manifold wisdom"; That plan has been being staged by Him throughout the course of history; no thing, no event, no person in this earthly life and on this earth was happen stance, everyone and everything has, is, and will serve the purpose and plan of GOD to demonstrate His "manifold wisdom"; a mystery only now, after the death and resurrection of JESUS CHRIST, has been revealed to the human race: A plan that involved a time of division and the bringing about of unity - a oneness, a reconciliation to..., a unifying of through..., a bringing together all that are the very sacrifice of JESUS, in whom the purpose and plan of GOD resides, and has been, and is, and will be, fulfilled. The only way to understand this Mystery is to know the love of CHRIST: For love passes knowledge: It is not an academic knowledge that is needed here, it is a love GOD has for us and we have for Him that brings about the understanding and the fullness of GOD in us. When this understanding gets into ones heart they will know that GOD is able to do far beyond what one could possibly imagine in this finite mind. One will realize that the power that resides in us is the same power that conceived and brought to fruition this most divine plan that He (GOD) only could create and orchestrate.

This study has been founded in Ephesians 2:11 thru 3:22