Monday, August 10, 2009


1 Chronicles 17 King David of Israel - his heart's desire
K. David in great zeal for the LORD GOD has the desire of heart
to build a house for the Ark of the Covenant to dwell in.
Because David was a man of war and had shed blood
GOD said "no" to him building this house for GOD.
THIS IS WHAT COMES TO MIND concerning this;
- it was in David's heart to do this
- Nathan, a man of GOD and His prophet, encourages
David to follow his heart and further states that "GOD is with him..."
- all this heart-felt faith and desire in a man after GOD'S own heart,
and GOD refuses to let him do it.

We have a desire of the heart, a man of GOD encouraging us to follow
that desire, and GOD saying no to that desire.

Four statements by GOD come to mind;
1. "Delight thyself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart"
Psalms 37 by David
2. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick"
Proverbs by Solomon
3. The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked."
by Jeremiah
4. Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life."
by Matthew

It would seem that we cannot predict what GOD will do. We may have burning desire within our heart for service to GOD and find it to be NOT His will. I myself have thought that because it burned within my heart, and because it was verifiable with scripture, it must indeed be His will and His leading in my heart.This was apparently a misnomer in that three years into the so called ministry for the LORD, after having sacrificed even my integrity, I was (am) in huge difficulty.The heart, my heart, had deceived me into thinking that GOD was directing me when in fact my carnal mind had discerned His leading and not His wisdom. Truly my hope was deferred and my heart has become sick, but my own failure to guard my heart has resulted in issues that seem insurmountable to me.
David desired in his heart, it was not an idea in his head but something residing
in the very depths of his being - seems real - seems godly - seems like GOD leading, but, GOD said no to this heartfelt desire. Truly David "delighted" in the LORD GOD, yet his desire of heart was to be fulfilled in his son after his death and not in him in his lifetime. Had GOD lied? Not hardly. Then what? It was not in GOD'S heart for David to do this - for whatever reason.
To myself I would advise in the future that I truly seek the wisdom of GOD in discerning what I perceive to be His will and His leading. And if in fact I run up against a stone wall in my pursuit of that "perceived leading" I pray I can as David did and rejoice in the LORD anyway.