Friday, December 11, 2009


There lies within the natural heart of man an insatiable desire to be seen, to be heard, to be cared about, to progress, to accomplish, and to gain. The natural outworking of these desires is greed. Greed will always lead to corruption and oppression for man will seek his needs at others expense. The attempt of man to regulate man is in effect an attempt of man to regulate the natural desires of man's heart. When government steps in and tries to determine what is best it can only do so according to the governing person's own desires and hence can only do so by ultimately oppressing those very same desires in others.
If our free enterprize system is to survive and we are to remain a "FREE" people it will not happen by human power regulating human need.... It will take a change of the natural heart of man - a change which can only come from the Creator of that heart. We all know who that is. GOD. We all won't admit that because the natural heart of man is driven by what can only be labeled as "pride"; pride being the idea that "I can do it myself", "I know what is best." As scripture puts it "Every man did that which was right in his own eyes." And what is right in the eyes of man? That which will best serve himself. Me = pride. Until I truly care that your needs are more important than mine. And until I realize that I am flawed and not capable of determining what is best for myself let alone what is best for you, I can only function by what I think and remain in a state of pride. Self!
GOD has to change the heart of man - NOT man has to regulate the heart of man. Our circumstances are not the issues of life. What is in the heart of man are the issues: What is in the heart dictates what I say what I do, what I think. My actions are the expression of what I believe in my heart. Man believes in his heart that what is best for me is best for everyone. What serves me is what drives me down the road of life. The Creator ONLY can change that and hence the Creator only can fix what ails any society, any individual. Man will continue to try and make life better by what he thinks is "better" and in the process man's resolutions will result in the formation of other problems.

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