Monday, November 30, 2009


It is likely few people read this blog.
It is doubtful few people care for it's content.
It is, however, not doubtful that I find
this blog an outlet for that which burdens
and that which rejoices my heart.

For example I have an opinion of the internet which burdens my mind.
A great form of communication; I dare say that all man's so called
knowledge can be accessed on the internet. All his philosophies,
all his insights, all his academic knowledge, all his scientific knowledge;
Everything this human race has ever produced from it's heart and mind
is no doubt accessible to every human being with a computer.
Is this not great? In deed it is great!
the draw back of that is that every bit of hate, despair, anger, stress,
pain and sorrow; every perversion of the thoughts of man, every corrupt deed,
every anti righteous deed that man has experienced or cast upon another
is also spewed out before the world for all to see.
The question I have, "What is the wisdom in that?"

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