Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merely A Comment

I realize this blog is lost in the obscure realm of multitudes
of blogs, but perhaps one day some one (s) will read it and find
something of value in it for their lives - perhaps not.
At any rate I want to express something of "gentleness".
A term not spoken a lot of in the world I live in. Gentleness
is a "fruit of the Spirit". It is GOD'S nature to be gentle
and it has not been absent from His relationship
with me over the years. I can spout all the doctrine and
truth of GOD'S written Word with all the vehemence and dogma
I want but you and I both know that if gentleness is not in my
expression the listener will not hear me.
It is a characteristic of love to be gentle. And anything
I say or do, without love being the motivator, is harsh, worthless, and makes me nothing. This is taught us by GOD in 1st Corinthians 13.
So I admonish myself to seek the heart of GOD and be filled with His Spirit.
After all what is the point in speaking if it is not to be heard?

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