Thursday, July 30, 2009


Among the writers of songs, known to us as Psalms, is Asaph who wrote in the 78th Psalm concerning the relationship between GOD the Father and Israel. A statement he makes concerns thee fact that they "were armed for the battle and had bows but turned back from the fight" GOD was not at all pleased with this. They had not stuck to the stuff. In the day of adversity they did not stand and fight - even being armed they did not stand toe to toe with the battle. We have admonishment in Ephesians to put on the whole armor of GOD and after doing all we can to stand then stand. We are armed with the Word of GOD, the Spirit of GOD, faith and salvation - turning away from the battle we ought not do. Galatians tells us that if we do not become weary in well doing we will in deed reap the harvest in due season. The battle is ours to fight and the promise is eventual victory. No matter how many falls we experience we need to just get up and keep on going, with faith in GOD and His promises - keep on keeping on and we will overcome.
We can often see the task as to big for us, the battle to fierce for us to endure, and often feel we are beating our head against the wall going no where - like what is the point; but we can always go one more day of battle, one more day of trial or tribulation, one more day of disappointment and let down, one more day of standing. Let us not faint, let us not give up nor give in; The day is coming when we step into heaven, into absolute total victory - into paradise and no more need for battle - so hold on one more day - go to the LORD today, just like yesterday, and lay your confidence and hope on Him - keep on.