Sunday, October 21, 2007

The LORD gives, the LORD takes

2 years of effort and today I find myself broken in my heart. Blog nets zero readers a day this past 7; the web site sees zero to 3 readers a day; and the MISSION receives no contacts for months. Have I gone wrong or does the LORD give and take away? Should I be raised up but not cast down by the Almighty? Should I only receive good at His hand or does His will require testing of my faith. Can I say as Job said, "Though He slay me yet will I trust Him." Many a question passes through the heart and mind of the believer. David wrote in the psalms, "Has GOD forgotten to be merciful?" and again he wrote, "why are thou cast down oh my soul?" Alone I may think myself to be but the past tells me GOD does not forsake me. Perhaps I have given reason for Him to do so but I know thou art faithful oh Father. Be merciful to me a sinner oh LORD, be merciful.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 the Spirit

I would like to note that this is the third time I have added to this posting,
which is a study of what it means to be " the Spirit": I presently have
three more entries to add to this posting (before we move on to the next
segment of our study of the Spirit), plus a statement of personal

testimony/application of this study to my heart & life. 9-11-'07


"In me, that is in my flesh dwells no good thing." Romans 7
So my flesh will only do evil.
"The carnal mind is not subject to the law of GOD neither in deed can be." Romans 8
So, my flesh does only bad things (ungodliness), and my fleshly mind is not,
and can not be subject to GOD'S law.

How am I to do good and not evil?
How am I to live righteously?
How am I to be holy?
The answer to these questions lay in the understanding of the Spirit and it's role in life.
"Walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh? Galatians 5
What does it mean to walk in the Spirit? And how does one do that?

let us consider this question;
Are "walk in the Spirit", "be being filled with the Spirit", and "walk after the Spirit",
all three the same thing said in different ways, or,
are they three different principles at work in harmony with one another?

"" walk after the Spirit", Romans 8, has to do with "minding the things of the Spirit." Romans 8
It is a 'pursuit' of that which is spiritual and not physical.
"Minding the things of the Spirit is the method of that pursuit.
The Word of GOD is the "sword of the Spirit" (Ephesians 6:17).
I would think that is a "thing" of the Spirit.
Hence I mind the Word of GOD.
['Mind' means to be disposed to, or exercise the mind, or set the affection on.]
I am disposed to the Word of GOD,
I exercise my mind with the Word of GOD,
I set my affections on the Word of GOD -
I 'mind' the Word of GOD. Hence I am after (in pursuit of) the Spirit.
This would lead me to look at Proverbs 2 which admonishes us to
saturate ourselves with the Word, and tells us the result of doing so
[A study of the 2nd chapter of Proverbs is to be found in FOUNDATIONAL
which is available from the Spirit of Life Mission Inc. at <>
FOUNDATIONAL is a study in how to approach studying the Word. It is taken from scripture
and is an Introduction to a much more extensive study of GOD'S written Word.]

Prayer is a thing of the Spirit. 1 Corinthians 14:15 say,
"...I will pray with the spirit...".
Here we see the lower case 's' being used in spirit
which would lead us to not think Spirit of GOD, which is a being (a personality),
but rather think spirit as an entity - a state of being - the spirit of a man,
that is not physical - IE. the thoughts and feelings,
the non-physical part of our being.
IE., I pray in or with my heart and mind as opposed to my tongue.
Most certainly we pray out loud with our tongue (sometimes),
but we are praying words - images,
which come from our non-physical being - our heart and mind.
The words are concepts which have no physical body but rather
are manifested by the physical. Our spirit is our being
which is expressed in and/or through our physical body.

"GOD is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him
in spirit and in truth." John 4:24
JESUS CHRIST is "the express image of GOD." Hebrews 1
GOD is 'indelibly stamped' into CHRIST;
CHRIST is "an exact copy of GOD";
The character of GOD is 'engraved' in His Son JESUS CHRIST.
These term are the meanings of "express image".
GOD manifests Himself in and through JESUS CHRIST.
JESUS has a body and,
"in Him dwelt all the fullness of the godhead bodily." Colossians 2:9
The spirit dwelling in JESUS is GOD - this is why we say
JESUS is 100% man and 100% GOD: The GOD-man.
He is the physical expression of The living GOD who is a spiritual being.
AND we are created in their image Genesis 1:26;
'their' being, GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Spirit;
IE. body, soul, and spirit.

So "walking after the Spirit is a pursuit of the things
which are of the Spirit of GOD
through the study of His Word and prayer;
in effect it is fellowship with GOD; a relationship.
Him talking to me through His written Word
and me talking to Him (prayer) and
these are "things of the Spirit, done in spirit and by the Spirit;
He - the Spirit - "makes intercession for us for we know not
what we should pray for as we ought." Romans 8:26
"He (the Spirit) will guide you into all truth." John 16

Walking after the Spirit results in;
1. no condemnation (Romans 8:1)
2. fulfillment of the righteousness of the law (Romans 8:4) WHY is there no condemnation to them that are after the Spirit? Because the law of the Spirit of life in CHRIST JESUS has made me free from the law of sin and death 8:2). WHY does the righteousness of the law get fulfilled in those that are after the Spirit? Because those that are after the Spirit mind the things of the Spirit.

(We ought address the law of sin and death and the law of the
Spirit of life in CHRIST JESUS, and we will but not just yet.)

So the things of the Spirit must include the righteousness of the law which tells me that righteousness is something the Spirit of GOD tends to - not man (the flesh). It is important we not miss this point , for those whose thinking is tuned to the believer does 'this' and does not 'that' OR acts like 'this' and not like 'that' are setting rules of conduct ('law') which implies an act of the will to fulfill; But this statement in Romans 8:4 tells me that the Spirit is the one doing the righteous deed(s) not the strength of "will power" of man. Galatians supports this in that it was written to believers who had corrupted the gospel (or were accepting a corrupted gospel) by adding the "rules of conduct" to the necessities of daily life. In other words teaching that we as believers - children of GOD - are suppose to do this and not do that. They were teaching a gospel that was not based on the regenerating power of the blood of CHRIST and His indwelling spirit (Spirit). They were teaching righteous living but not teaching the power of GOD'S Spirit to bring about that righteous living. They had a form of knowledge (the truth), but denied "the power thereof" (2 Timothy 3:5, cf. 1 Peter 1:5); and GOD called it a
"perverted gospel" in this letter to the Galatians (ch.1) and stated that those who would promote such a gospel should be "accursed (ch. 1).
The ensuing question of Galatians was "Having begun in the Spirit are you now made perfect by the the flesh? We (you, I) were saved, regenerated, ie. "born again" by the Spirit coming into our heart, was I now going to be perfected in my walk with the LORD by the efforts of my flesh to submit itself to the law of GOD, [which is an impossibility (Romans 8:7]? I could not save myself from sin and death and only the Spirit can conform me to the image of CHRIST(for which I was predestinated - (Rms. 8:29). These 'things' - prayer, the Word, righteousness, etc. etc. etc. - belong to the Spirit, they do not belong to you nor I. They are His things. He has sole ownership, they are His traits if you will, His personality, His personal standard of living, His beliefs and convictions : In me "that is in my flesh" "dwells no good thing". I do not contain within my being - my flesh - the holiness, the righteousness, the peace, the joy, the love, the longsuffering nor temperance, and meekness,and gentleness: There is no natural desire - bent - for these things, which are the things of GOD, within my carnal being. Whatever desire I have within me is the Spirit's desire and He is in me and thereby that desire is in my heart. Take the Spirit out and the desire for GOD'S things goes with Him: Why?
Because it is His desire that is in me - He owns it - it belongs to Him - It is His nature residing in my most "deceitful and wicked" heart.

"Walking in the Spirit" has to do with a state of existence:
A state of having caught up with the Spirit and being consumed by Him.
A state of complete immersion in the things of the Spirit.
We say such things as "He is a man of prayer", or , "a man of the Word".
When we say that about someone we are saying he is a man (or woman)
whose life is consumed by the Word and prayer.
We are in effect saying a man eats, sleeps, breathes the WORD and prayer.
He has the close intimate fellowship with the Father which consumes his (or her) life.
He or she is always minding the things of the Spirit - 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.
What does Psalm 1 say?

"Blessed is the man who walks
not in the counsel of the ungodly,
nor sits in the seat of the scornful,
nor stands in the way of sinners,
his delight is in
the law of the LORD

and in His law doth he meditate day and night."

[day and night - that is all consuming!]

Let us look at some statements concerning the Spirit GOD makes in the letter (epistle) to the Corinthians in chapters 2/3
He speaks of the
* "things of the Spirit"
* the "things GOD has prepared for them that love Him
revealed to us by the Spirit."
* "we speak with the words the Holy Spirit teaches us to say
not with the words of man's wisdom but hidden words
words in a mystery."
* the things of GOD can only be understood
by the spirit which is from GOD.
* GOD has given us (the "believer") that spirit
so we can discern His things, comparing
spiritual things with spiritual things
* to the natural man the things of the Spirit of GOD are foolishness
because he cannot understand them - they are spiritually discerned.
[He has eyes but he cannot see, ears but he cannot hear the things of GOD.]
* spirituality - that is to say, living in the Spirit,
is a mature state of being.
{You will note that none of GOD'S teaching concerning His Spirit has
any mention of 'law' (rules of conduct) being related to,
nor being a part of spirituality. To live under rules of conduct (law)
is in fact a childish view of Christianity (1 Cor. 1/2/3). Carnality is a
state babies live in and living by rules of conduct, or law,
is a carnal life and is evidenced by envy, strife, and division.}

So let us summarize:
1. The spiritual world is an unseen world - a mysterious world,
hidden from the eyes and ears of the natural man. It is a world
that can only be seen and known by the spirit which is from GOD
I.E. His Spirit The 'believer' has that spirit in him (or her). That
spirit of GOD knows the deep things of GOD and reveals them
to us. To walk in the Spirit is to live life, in this world, learning,
knowing, meditating on (thinking on ) and following
"the things of GOD."

2. This is a dedicated life that brings about unity - not strife, envy,
and division. It is maturity, whereas 'carnality' (living by rules) is
'babyhood' and seeks the "milk of the word" and not the "meat"
(Heb. 5/6)
and it produces envy, strife, and division. This life of living or walking
in the Spirit is a life of total commitment to knowing, intimately,
He who created us, redeemed us, and adopted us. It is not a casual,
non-chalant affair with a person I feel obligated to, and hence,
seek out fulfillment of that obligation at certain [predetermined]
times and dates. The life of walking in the Spirit is a life of being
absorbed into, or by, the very heart of GOD - to be consumed by
His Spirit (spirit). (note cf. Luke 14:26)
a pursuit of GOD'S Spirit (His things) - that is, a walking after...
and a consumption by GOD'S Spirit - that is, walking in...

IN PURSUIT OF? -------A. flesh------B. Spirit

The pursuit of -------------- *the flesh -or--*the Spirit

The substance of
that pursuit --- *the things of the flesh -or--* the things of the Spirit

the mindset
of that pursuit ------* carnally minded--or--* spiritually minded

the result
of that pursuit-----------------*death--or--* life

the relationship
to GOD---------------* enemy of GOD--or--* pleasing to GOD

What constitutes being in the flesh verses being in the Spirit?
Romans 8:9
If the Spirit of GOD dwells in me I am in the Spirit and not the flesh.
If CHRIST is in me, then and only then
(1) the body is dead. Why is the body dead? Because of sin.
(2) the Spirit is life. Why is the Spirit life? Because of righteousness.
I am going to stop here for now, I think we have much here
to digest and/or consider whether it be truth or not
according to what GOD has revealed to us in His Word.
We will pick up latter this very large topic,

this very important knowledge to our understanding of our life with GOD on this earth.
The Spirit is no small topic and extremely difficult to comprehend,
but we will continue to explore the Word for knowledge and understanding
from the Spirit, of His being.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Israel & the Gentile

Israel - the natural branch - the elect of GOD.
Gentile - the wild branch - to them the gospel.

Romans 11:28
1. Concerning the gospel, Israel is enemy to the gospel - and that for the sake of the Gentile.
2. Concerning election, Israel is beloved for the sake of the Father.
Romans 11:12
3. The "diminishing" of Israel benefits the Gentile.
The "fall" of Israel benefits the world.
Romans 11:15
4. The "casting away" (rejection) of Israel resulted in the reconciling of the world.
5. The receiving of Israel will be life for the dead.

The picture we see here that GOD makes for us, is that the sacrifice of Israel was (is) the salvation of the Gentile (the world). This was GOD'S doing. He rejected Israel, and gave the gospel to the Gentile.
Israel was elected by GOD to be His people:
The Gentile was given the gospel.

Both were and are dependent upon a man's faith. GOD did not - does not - function arbitrarily. The natural branch - Israel - was broken off because they did not believe GOD:
The unnatural branch - the Gentile - was grafted into the vine(JESUS CHRIST - john 15:5) because they believed GOD.

We ought note that the sacrifice of Israel (Romans 11) is the salvation of the Gentile. We have here the shadow (Israel) and the very image (JESUS). We have Israel being prophetic, and a pattern, of the only begotten Son of GOD - the 1st born among many brethren. If we recall from Exodus 4:22, GOD called Israel His firstborn, just as JESUS was the firstborn among many brethren(Romans 8:29). We have here a demonstration of the "manifold wisdom of GOD" (Ephesians 3:10): "manifold meaning = 'stripes of varying color, equal in size, side by side'.
When the Gentile was in unbelief GOD sent them the gospel because Israel did not believe; and so GOD'S mercy came to the Gentile, for He ought to have hardened their heart for their unbelief even as He did Israel for their unbelief. HOWEVER, just as mercy came to the Gentile because Israel would not believe, so likewise because of that mercy shown to the Gentile it will come to Israel, and "all Israel shall be saved". (Romans 11:26). For GOD'S desire was and is to show mercy to all, and therefore He shut us all up together in unbelief." (Romans 11:32). He worked His plan such that all men were in unbelief and at the mercy of GOD so that He could demonstrate His mercifulness to all men. This is an incredible awesome and complex plan that only GOD could conceive and only GOD had the power and wisdom to execute, and that without violating the GOD given free will of man to chose.

A warning is issued to the Gentile believer; DON'T BE HIGH MINDED because GOD rejected Israel and accepted you. WHY? Because:
1. belief is the key to being acceptable to GOD (Hebrews 11:6 - "without faith it is impossible to please GOD") and if you go to unbelief you will be rejected (cut off), and, if Israel turns to belief they (the natural branch) will be grafted back into the vine. (Rms. 11:18)
2. the day is coming when all Israel will be saved - when GOD shall turn away sin from them. (Rms. 11:26)
It must be understood that this passage of Romans 11 teaches us that GOD permitted their fall so that the Gentile could become sons of GOD; BUT, by the same token GOD will redeem Israel.
GOD permits to happen...
GOD causes to happen...
We see both His permissiveness and His deliberate imposed authority over life. He uses both means to accomplish His purposes.
We ought not focus so much on our choices and thoughts and deeds which is the product of mere flesh and blood; For GOD is at work accomplishing His goal(s), His desire(s), His pleasure, His purpose. When we study His scripture are focusing on who we are according to His word, OR are we looking to understand Him and who He is, what He wants, what He thinks, what is in His heart? (see FOUNDATIONAL at the MISSION'S web site)
Israel He called His firstborn, He wanted to be to them a Father and they to be to Him sons: He wants that for every man woman and child that ever was or ever will be. (Ephesians 1:1-10 and 3:11-20)

He Desires Our Trust

GOD wants us to trust Him. Why do I say that? It is a conclusion based on the following study........

Romans 9 "The Word of promise."......."At this time shall I come, and Sarah shall have a son."

consider this: Who are the Israelites?
They are the ones to whom pertains "the adoption", and "the glory", and "the covenants", and the "giving of the law", and the "service of GOD", and the promises". Romans 9
HOWEVER, you are only the "counted seed of Abraham (Sarah's husband with whom GOD covenanted), if you are the seed of "promise" and not the seed of the flesh. Issac is the fulfillment of a promise GOD made to Abraham and Sarah. Ishmael is the solution of Sarah and Abraham to get that promised fulfilled - he is the seed of the flesh not promise hence not an heir of GOD. It is faith in that which is beyond human (man's) capabilities, power, so - called wisdom & understanding, and his ways and means that GOD is looking for from us. Faith in Him to do the impossible. Faith the size of "a grain of mustard seed" that is the faith that "moves mountains", that is the faith that moves GOD.
That which we see in GOD'S relationship with Israel goes to the "foreshadowing" and "patterning" of GOD'S relationship with the "believer", the "born of the Spirit" Christian - the "body of CHRIST": For see in Galatians the statement, "That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through JESUS CHRIST; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith." ch. 3
When GOD made the covenant with His "friend" (2 Chronicles 20:7) Abraham He was promising to Abraham a son, and a 'redeemer' - 'savior' - He was in fact preaching the gospel of JESUS CHRIST (Gal. 3): He was promising the Spirit (Eph. 1)(GOD'S Spirit - JESUS Spirit 2 Corinthians 3:3-17) for the putting of ones faith in JESUS CHRIST, which causes GOD to declare us righteous - just, and His Spirit dwells in our hearts.
The promise of a son to Abraham and Sarah, who could not in the flesh have children - since she was past the years of bearing children; and through that son come blessing to the whole world (Genesis 12) was a promise to be fulfilled in Israel (GOD'S 1st born - Exodus 2) as a shadow of things to come, and fulfilled in JESUS CHRIST the very image itself (Colossians 2:13-17: Hebrews 8:1-6; Hebrews 10:1) - I.E. the very things to come.
The natural world giving understanding to the spiritual world. That which is not seen being understood by that which is seen.(Romans 1:20) It is GOD'S way - what we see tells us about what we don't see. We do not see GOD, for He is a spirit; However, creation itself bears witness of the reality and existence of GOD.(Romans 2)

So what does all this add up to in terms of faith - in terms of trusting what GOD says and promises. Grant it we did sidetrack slightly to the shadow and the very image - I.E. the unseen being understood by the seen - But if in fact that which we see gives enlightenment of what we do not see and the physical world therefore tells me of GOD Almighty"s reality and power than we ought decide to trust what He says; for if I want proof that His Word is true and He is true to His w(W)ord then I need only trust Him and begin to see the mountain(s) moved. He so much wants our trust and if I do not truly trust Him where will I find within myself the truth of saying I love Him; And, if I truly know Him I will (and will have) experience His power in my life in that He will perform in and for me that which is impossible: Just as He gave to Sarah a child in her dead womb - just as He gave to Mary a child in her virgin womb without the intercourse between man and woman we know to be necessary.
Do I want to know GOD'S power by experience - with intimacy OR do I just want it to be good doctrine and deny the power thereof (2 Thessalonians 3:5). Do you and I not know He wants very much for us to know Him as He is; to know who He is? If only we would trust Him.
The desires of the heart of GOD is something that we will search out in the scripture in the postings to come, but for now glean what you can from the scripture that has been referenced in this short essay (study) of faith and the promise of GOD.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Relationship of Father/sons

Our relationship with GOD our Father - our Creator and Redeemer
is spiritual,
and it is dependent upon faith - belief.

It is what is in the heart and mind. It is freedom from the law.
It is not [what is in the members of my flesh]. It is not bondage to the law.
This is a principle most critical to the, quote unquote, "victorious Christian life".

The carnal mind is not and cannot be subject to GOD'S law. (romans 8) The difference between carnally minded and spiritually minded is life and death. It must be understood that to be carnally minded is to subject the flesh to law, which is fleshly acts and thinking that can only lead to the death of the spirit in me - not life-death in my spirit.

then we're talkin' [liberty,faith, mercy/grace, love, life, justification, righteousness.
then were talkin' [law, sin, dominion over..., bondage, condemnation, death].

The law is against the deeds of the flesh
The Spirit produces fruit that has no law(s) against them.
Though the law be righteous (holy) IT IS ALSO condemning.
1. Rms. 8, the carnal mind is not subject to the law, and it cannot be subject to the law.
2. Therefore I can in my carnal state only break the law.
3. Rms. 6 Hence, under the law I am dominated by sin.
4. Rms. 7 that is why it is written,
"When I do the things I would not I am consenting unto the law that it is good."
5. Rms. 7 We know this breaking of the law as sin -
the law is what makes sin strong -
it is the "motivator" for sin.
The "motions", [the desires], of sin are working in us
because we are under law.
Law is the vehicle by which sin gets around in our life.
6. Rms. 7 So, eliminate the law and you eliminate the power of sin in your life. -
Without the law sin is dead. (Rms. 7)
7. Rms. 6 It (sin) cannot dominate me when the law is not hanging over my life.

We are dead to the law
we should be married to another (Rms. 6)

The law once held us
but now
the law is dead
we are delivered from it's grasp on our life. (Rms.6)
Is the law sin?
The law told me what was sin; and without the law to tell me what was (is) SIN I would not know. (Rms. 6)
Bringing in the commandment revives sin -
The only way I can be dead to sin is to be dead to the law.
If there is law there is sin.
If there is law, sin is alive.
If there is no law, sin is dead.

In effect, 'do and don't' will kill you in your spirit; they will kill you spiritually; they will set the law ABOVE GOD thus seperating us from His fellowship.

It should be noted here that what the 'spirit' is is a topic that must indeed be addressed at some point in time - for I think on the whole believers no not what it is. But the understanding of spirit is for another time.

It has been said that those who say, "I am free from the law, so I can do what I want", are in effect saying, "I can sin and I'll be forgiven; I can do what ever I want." The fact is those of us who believe, "unto salvation", ARE free from the law, and "All things are lawful for me..." (1 Cor. 8/10)
The totality of the principle is that by being free from the law I am innately, free from the dominion of sin over me. See we as believers - spiritually alive people - are righteous in spirit, - sin is the tenant of the flesh not the spirit. If we walk in the Spirit - GOD'S Spirit - we will not fulfill the lusts ('desires') of the flesh. (Gal. 5 and Rms. 8)

The issue is not the law
is do I, or will I, pursue the (s)Spirit?
right and wrong, dos and don'ts? The way to be righteous in thought and deed is not through the law - rules of conduct. And this is where Christianity as a whole has found it's pothole in the road of life that trips us up. Just as the unbeliever has difficulty accepting the FREE gift of JESUS CHRIST death for their atonement, and resurrection for their salvation, by faith without deed: SO likewise the believer has difficulty accepting that 'progressive sanctification' (becoming more and more like Jesus) of life comes any other way but the law - dos and don'ts. The believer teaches law when he or she teaches that a person, (a child of GOD), must do this or that, and not do that or this - i.e. right and wrong as a basis for life is living by the law and that is carnal - carnally minded. Salvation is by faith in what JESUS did (Rms.5)
Sanctification is by faith in what JESUS is doing (Rms 7)

This is what the books (letters) of Galatians and Romans is all about.
the law/the flesh =the weakness = carnal

the spirit/the liberty = the strength = spiritual

spiritually minded leads to life and peace
carnally minded leads to death

I cannot stress it enough, I cannot say it enough ways; It is absolutely necessarily and pungently important that we here what GOD said through the Apostle Paul in Galatians 2 'that if a man teach any gospel other than this, that man is to be accursed. It is d e a d l y to teach sanctification is accomplished by my doing this and not doing that. Salvation and sanctification, atonement and justification, come one way only, and that is through the Spirit - by faith. ANYTHING else is a perverted gospel and will condemn a man, will tear a man down, will be a stumbling block to the believer , just as faith in CHRIST alone for salvation is a stumbling block to the unbeliever.

Faith is what please GOD. (Hebrews 11) Faith in CHRIST by the unbeliever pleases GOD to give him or her salvation. Faith in CHRIST by the believer pleases GOD to grow him or her spiritually (i.e. 'progressive' sanctification).

Saturday, August 4, 2007

End of Law

"CHRIST is the end of the law
for righteousness
to everyone that believes." Rms. 10.

comment: When CHRIST
(spotlessly - without sin - fulfilling the entirety of the law's righteousness),
and died,
(fulfilling the curse of the law; and atoning for our sin),
and CHRIST rose from the dead,
(because of His sinless life there was no possible way death could hold Him -
for the end of sin is death
the end of righteousness is life).

This all adds up to Christ being the end of the law for righteousness.
It is His righteousness that gets applied to my life's account;
that, gives me, "righteous" status.
As a believer, everyday of my remaining life is such -
I am today righteous because JESUS is righteous, and I am in Him,
hence, I am seen, by GOD, as righteous.
THIS IS WHY GOD says in ch 11 of Romans,
"And if by grace then it is no more works:
otherwise grace is no more grace.
But if it be of works then it is no more grace:
otherwise work is no more work."
My salvation before GOD is either by or because of,
His graciousness or my works:
It is not a little of both. It is one or the other.
Either His grace is sufficient, or it is not sufficient.
Either Jesus Christ' life, death, and resurrection suffices GOD
for my adoption into His family (Eph. 1) and hence entrance into His kingdom;
it was and/or, is not the propitiation it claims to be in 1 John ch. 1.

I must live each day as if the only thing making me righteous

Jesus Christ being righteous;
accepting the righteousness of GOD
live each day seeking my own righteousness by own deeds (works).

I would say this,
the only way to know this principle we have looked at
- this truth of life - this way of life,
is to study the Word for to find it's truth.
the only way this principle actually works is
if we believe it to be truth, of GOD, from GOD:
we must trust it not our own sense of reason.

The problem with Israel was (and/or is) they were "...ignorant of GOD'S righteousness and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves to the righteousness of GOD." (Romans 10) The "righteousness of GOD" is described, by Him, in
Romans 3 as "CHRIST" being that righteousness - His work.
Israel sought righteousness, but, did not obtain righteousness. (Romans 11)
They sought their own, NOT GOD'S!
We often, even as believers, (and non-believers likewise), seek to do good works so that we can feel, or think ourselves to be righteous: AND, impose that on others. We often do not submit ourselves to His righteousness; we do not trust in what Jesus did - GOD'S grace - But rather in what we do in terms of conforming ourselves to "the image of CHRIST": IE keeping commandments - law - rules of conduct. We have the idea that now that we are saved we must as good children (GOD'S children) do good works; and that is the underlying and overriding "principle" which we live by: and when we think and do accordingly, we are not submitting ourselves to the "righteousness of GOD".

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Galatians 5:11-14
"And I, brethren, if I yet preach circumcision,
why do I yet suffer persecution?
then is the offense of the cross ceased.
I would they were even cut off which trouble you.
For, brethren, you have been called unto liberty;
only use not your liberty for an occasion to the flesh,
but by love serve one another.
For all the law is fulfilled in one word, in this;
Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself."
Now, we want to focus on one statement but
we also want that statement understood in it's context.
The context is the law and it's relationship to
the liberty of our lives.
Circumcision is representative of the law.
If I preach law
there is no offense to the cross of Jesus Christ because
keeping the law appeals to the pride of man whereas
the cross demands I trust what someone else has done for me.
Liberty is what GOD has called me to.
Liberty from law.
That means I am free to do what I would because
I no longer live under the rules of conduct (ie the law).
The law will still get fulfilled but
not by me and not by my attention to it's commands.
I am free from that.
The issue that arises in this context is
what I do with that freedom - liberty.
I can use it to serve the desires of my flesh, or,
I can use it to serve my brethren.
First let us note that the service we are to do is
toward our brethren.
Yet we preach from the pulpit to serve a 'lost and dying world'.
The emphasis of the church of Jesus Christ seems to be on
winning the lost for Jesus.
[The great commission.] Amen and amen; so we ought do;
HOWEVER GOD has also made quite clear,
in this statement alone, that
we are to serve one another.
Furthermore we see in this statement that
there is a basis for that service.
We have not been godly because we serve -
we HAVE BEEN godly if
we serve with love.
LOVE is the motivator,
LOVE is the basis,
LOVE is the origin of our service;
LOVE is the fulfiller of the law.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


LOVE: Luke 6:27-36 -- the power of love
Mathew 7:12 and Galatians 5:14 -- the quality of love
Romans 13:8-10 -- love is a debt to my neighbor
love is an attitude towards my neighbor
1 Timothy 1:4-11 -- the heart of love [good conscience, pure heart, unfeigned faith]: the vain jangling of the law [having turned from love]: the righteous use of the law [for the lawless and disobedient]
1 Thessalonians 4:9/10 -- love taught to us by GOD -- needs to increase more and more
1 Thessalonians 3:12/13 -- increase in love >>> blamelessness -- accomplished by GOD

LAW: Galatians 3:19-29 -- "the schoolmaster" NOT, 'the life giver', which brings us to CHRIST
so we could be justified by faith>>>making us children of GOD and seed of Abraham -- which was promised by GOD (see Divine Nature).
Romans 7:10-14 -- the magnifier
Hebrews 7:16 -- it's carnal

FAITH: 1 Timothy 1:4 "...godly edifying" is in faith - If you want to build someone up teach them, admonish them to believe - trust - have faith in___. We do not build a brother up by throwing law at them .... we do build a brother up demonstrating faith in our own lives and by loving them .... and that is not a 'tough love' as todays man likes to say .... love is gentle and kind, it bears and endures everything, it believes all things and it thinks no evil, concerns itself with your concerns is not self centered, (1 Cor. 13):: hardly sounds like tough love to me, rather sounds compassionate, giving, understanding, selfless.
In this text in Timothy we see a direct correlation between love, that purely and simply trusts, -- and, "godly edifying", which is found in faith (and not law). He states that the love of 1 Tim.1:5 is the rest of the commandment, which actually starts by saying what not to teach, and what to teach.

no other doctrine
no fables
no endless genealogies

This generates questions, not godly edifying

love: out of a pure heart;
from a good conscience;
from faith unfeigned
This generates godly edifying

Those who have turned from this commandment of 1 Timothy
are those who desire to be teachers of the law; and they do not understand what they are teaching and whereof they teach. They are vainly jangling on and on .... about what? They know not! This is in direct conflict of the principle of LOVING someone to their edification - to the building up of them. It may sound corney the way I stated it but simply put if I'm teaching law and not love and faith I am vainly rambling on and on about what I know not and where it came from I do not understand.

Perhaps a few definitions of words used thus far:

1. "unfeigned" = 'undissembled', ie. sincere; 'it's not not sincere'
(a double negative emphasizing the sincerity of the faith)
not tainted with doubt and hypocrisy.

2. "lawfully": to parcel out according to or in agreement with the law (list of rules):
I.E. using the law the way it was intended to be used not in way or the way it was NOT intended.

This poses a seriously important principle, which is, the law has an intended use and an unintended use. HOW ARE YOU AND I USING IT? and WHAT IS THAT INTENDED USE?

3. righteous man: "equitable" (in character or in act);
by implication, holy (either absolute holiness, or relative holiness)
"innocent"; example 2 Chronicles 19:2/3 , I mean no harm - no ill - only fairness
This is the heart and this is the character of love. cf. Psalm 7:10

The law is not intended for this person>>>the righteous man. If you or I or anyone else imposes law on a man whose heart intends that which is equitable to all, that is to say, a righteous heart, then the law is being used by you or I unlawfully. This principle cannot go unnoticed nor unheeded, for to use the law unlawfully is to destroy innocents - to destroy the which harbors no guile. Remember the definition of righteous? "innocent" [holy, either absolute holiness or relative holiness]. It is the intent of the heart where innocents is found and it is there one must look for righteousness else one will discern evil and weal the law against it, when in fact there is no evil there at all. It is about the pure intent of the heart verses the impure satisfying of the carnal mind. The law was intended for; the lawless, disobedient ('unruly'), ungodly, sinners,unholy,and profane, murderers of fathers and of mothers, man-slayers, whore-mongers, those that defile themselves with mankind, men-stealers (kidnappers), perjured persons, and anything contrary to sound doctrine: All these in need of JESUS CHRIST; when a person accepts JESUS as LORD and Savior then the Spirit comes into the heart and begins conforming the heart to the image of CHRIST: Hence, the filling/fruit of the Spirit (being, love joy, peace, gentleness, etc. Gal.5), sanctification, atonement/justification; all these oppose the preceding list of law 'needers', and all these need not the law any longer, hence all these regenerated persons live not by law but by love/faith.
In affect and actuality, the filling of the Spirit >>> the fruit of the Spirit which is in part love, and love fulfills the law. None of this will take place without the faith in JESUS CHRIST, and His propitiation (1 John 1) on my behalf, and the continued faith (belief) in what GOD says - This therefore by affect makes me righteous and fills me with the love of and love for the LORD GOD and my neighbor. Love for the LORD GOD our Father spawns the love for neighbor (1John 4/5) which works no ill towards my neighbor (romans 13) and thereby the fulfillment of the law takes place of it's own accord - the very nature of love - and I am in no need of law.: Law which was given as a schoolmaster to lead me to CHRIST (Galatians 3) I need no longer the schoolmaster (which was there at the cross - (Colossians 2 and Ephesians

Let us examine 1 Thesselonians 3:11/12
1. "...the LORD make you" .... not we make ourselves
2. "make me abound" .... not a little but abundance - lots of
3. abound in love ... what abounds in me? LOVE
1. He may establish....He establishes - not me
2. establish my heart...It is a case of the heart - What's in my heart?
3. unblameable in's holiness in my heart .
It is GOD establishing my heart
with a love that abounds for Him and others,
and the end result is a heart that is holy -
innocent and pure in heart BUT not necessarily in flesh
(the carnal mind - see Romans 8).




is the one who puts it there!!!

Love in the heart - in abundance - brings about holiness in the heart
"out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" - Matthew 12
as a man "thinks in his heart, so is he" - Proverbs 23

NOTE: it is all about the heart...It's love in the heart....It's holiness in the heart...It's the work of GOD in the heart... It' as a man thinks in the heart... It's the issues of life in the heart... and it is the heart that is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17) --- HERE IN THE HEART IS WHERE THE SPIRITUAL WARFARE TAKES PLACE _ IT IS NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD THAT WE ARE FIGHTING ---

1 Thessolonians 4:9/10 --- GOD teaches us to love
This is quite self explanatory and needs no expounding. It says what it says. It means what it says. It is simple and concise. THEN, there ought not be any room for debate nor neglect here -- GOD teaches His people to love, and encourages, admonishes, beseeches us to increasing that love --- IE. bigger hearts for others - loving more and more our brothers and sisters in the LORD,,, our neighbors. Reaching beyond our own little community.
NOTE: >>The 1st and great commandment is to love the LORD our GOD with all our hearts' minds' souls' and strength; the 2nd is like unto it "Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang everything (law and prophets). The Word of God hangs on love. But we see that love is not of us but of GOD - It's His doing - He loves and teaches us to do likewise.
So what does all this academic knowledge tell me? It tells me that love is something GOD produces in my heart. It is not the result of me exercising my will to dominate my carnal being (my outward appearance) and conforming it to some law. It is a fruit (or the fruit) of the Spirit in me. The issues of life are in the heart not the flesh. To achieve holiness must be through the heart by love and that is not my doing. I must trust the LORD GOD to bring it about in me.
(Job 23). Israel made the sacrifices but their heart was "far from" GOD and He did not accept that. If it is not from the heart it is NOT! And He alone knows the heart, and He only can change it. (Jeremiah 17: Psalm 139: Deuteronomy 30)

The method and means to holiness IS love in the heart for and by GOD.
1st Timothy 1:4-11...1st Thessalonians 3:12&13...1st Thessalonians 4:9&10
Love fulfills the law...Romans 13

The method and means to knowing the depth and height and breadth and length of GOD, is love
for Him. Ephesians 3.. Love passes knowledge

Without love a person,
is nothing,
profits nothing,
and is a harsh sound to the ear.
1 Corinthians 13
GOD is love.
1 John 4
GOD, via the Holy Spirit, sheds love in our hearts
Romans 5
Love is the fruit of the Spirit
Galatians 5
Love is not a respecter of persons
James 2
Love works no ill toward it's neighbor
Romans 13
Love is the greatest thing abiding in this world
1 Corinthians 13

Some characteristics of love:
a. does good to those who hate me...Luke 6
b. blesses them that curse me...Matthew 5
c. prays for them that despietfully use me...Matthew 5
d. when one hits me on the cheek I turn to them the other cheek
...Luke 6
e. he that steals my things is offered more of my things...Luke 6 :25-
f. he that asks from me gets from me...Luke 6:25-

I would say that although verses 20-26 preclude and seem to speak of something different then verses 27-36 they are not excluded from the train of thought - that is to say that love extends beyond my circle of friend, associations and acceptance, to those who would be my enemies (by their choice, by their personal convictions and beliefs). But does, in fact, 20-26 go with 27-36?? Well, there is the statement "But I say unto you which hear...", which connects these two sets of verses, that's an indication they do.
SO, let's look at what is stated by our LORD previous to His admonition of verses 27-36.
GOD pronounces woes to two distinctly different groups of people;

BLESSINGS******** vs.********* WOES

the poor ___________________the rich
the hungry now ________________the full
the sorrowful now ______________the laughing
the hated ____________________the well spoken of
the reproached
the outcast for Jesus' sake

So this is you or I - we're poor, hungry,sorrowful,hated,reproached, cast out; and what does He say we ought concern ourself with in the face of this circumstance of life? LOVE, and do we love? our enemy? - those who are rich, full, laughing,well spoken of, casting us out, reproaching us? [Love has no boundary - it is no respecter of persons (James). Real love, true love, agape' love, covers all sin, sees no evil, thinks no evil, does not differentiate one person from another - the lovely and the unlovely alike are recipient to the act of 'love unconditional'.]
WHO CAN LOVE SUCH A WAY as GOD who commended His love to us while we were yet sinners (Romans 5)?
How can, I by the nature of my heart, be this?
If I consider the characteristics of love in 1st Corinthians 13; which are,
long-suffering, kind, not envious (even of those who are rich, laughing, full, and well spoken of), does not promote itself, is not arrogant, does not behave unseemly, does not seek it's own, not easily provoked (even when reproached and unjustly cast aside), thinks no evil (how tough is that? -- we are prone to judge others behavior, motives, and thoughts), does not rejoice in iniquity (again, we are prone to judge the heart, it's condition and motives, in our brother and/or neighbor), does rejoice in the truth, bears all things (even the reproaches and misuse of others to our person; even the rejection and threatening by others toward us), believes all things (sounds like I trust and am not suspicious of you), hopes all things ( always knows it will be better), endures all things (does it ever give up???), Never Fails (NEVER is a BIG word and a l o n g time). HOW in the world - How on GOD'S green earth can I possibly be that??
How can I possibly conform myself to that kind of a person???? How can I possibly treat others, from my heart, as I would that they treat me (Matthew 7)? - How will this, on which the law and the prophets hang (Matthew 7, and Galatians 5), be me? How will this love (which fulfills the law-Romans 13) be in my heart for GOD and my neighbor? (Matthew22)
The thing that comes first to my mind in regards to the texts of scripture afore mentioned is that there is a direct connection between love, and, the law and the prophets. The law & prophets "hang" on love. The word hang used here is the same word found in Acts28:4 when the "venomous beast", or viper, hung on the Apostle Paul's hand. The viper had come "out of the heat" of the fire and latched onto Paul's hand and hung there. The law and the prophets hang on love; with their jaws they have bitten unto love and hang there only to fall to the ground if love is removed. The viper is just a snake slithering around on the ground with no threat, no aggression, no noticeable behavior until it latches onto someone with it's venomous teeth; then it becomes a force to reckon with. It is a beast with a very pointed and direct interaction with it's victim. Love is the strength of the law and the prophets: They have no meaning, no power, no substance without love, (1 Corinthians 13).
"Love is the fulfilling of the law" according to Romans 13:8-10: In fact, the statements made there include the statement that 'any and all commandment' "are briefly comprehended in this one saying, namely, Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself." The fulfilling of the law is not accomplished by trying to fulfill the law: It is accomplished by love. The law is all summed up in one word, love.
The word 'comprehend' comes from a word which means "to make a point", "to strike on the head". In other words to put it in todays slang, "you hit the nail on the head" or "you nailed it". When I talk about fulfilling the law and I say I love my neighbor just like I love myself, I have hit the nail on the head; I have stated the law in it's entirety. If I could love, unconditionally, my neighbor the law would be fulfilled - the whole law. It is loving your neighbor as you love yourself - it is doing to my neighbor the way I would like my neighbor to do me.
When GOD says in Luke 6
"...pray for them that despitefully use you.",
" good to them that hate you.",
"...bless them that curse you.",
He is saying, love them; do to them the way you want them to do to you
. This is what the law and the prophets are about. It's all about how we treat one another. It's all about what is in my heart regarding GOD and regarding my neighbor: No matter what He or my neighbor does to me I still love them. THIS IS NOT love that becomes real by me following the 'rules of love', or a formula, or a check list of things love does and does not do. This is a love that is in me, which by it's very nature acts such and such away - it is the way love acts. That is why GOD states "love is the fulfilling of the law"; because IT (LOVE) fulfills not I. He does not say 'If I love I fulfill the law' - love is doing the fulfilling.
AND GOD IS LOVE, and THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT IS LOVE. GOD filling me up with Himself, fills me up with His love and hence through me loves you (I.E. my neighbor). His nature living inside my heart, living through me, expressing Himself through me. I do not do the loving and expressing; rather You, my heavenly Father, loves through me; I'm merely the vessel you do it in, through, and/or with me.

This concludes this first essay on love, law, and faith; Much much more is to be seen in GOD'S Word regarding love and we shall see that as this blog continues to grow, FOUNDATIONAL (located on the ...MISSION'S web site), is completed, and THE BIG PICTURE, which is a thorough study of the Word - cover to cover - and which FOUNDATIONAL introduces, is published on line. So keep coming back. and remember, this is my heart put on paper as GOD through His Spirit (using the Word) has taught me of Himself and I in turn sharing it with you in a form that hopefully challenges and stimulates you to study His Word for yourself.

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A. The election according to grace
romans 11

We are elected purely based on His graciousness and not one i-oda of my works.
And if GOD does not demonstrate to us His grace then He is left unsatisfied in His desire to demonstrate His true character and heart - that which man was created for by Him in the first place. If "election" is or was for the express purpose of choosing some people to be with Him in His kingdom then the GOD who makes the claim of being GOD is in fact and has to be in fact, a fraud. For the GOD of scripture - The GOD who had scripture penned - The GOD whom scripture is the revelation of - Is by His very nature jealous of being known, and of being known for who He really is - His character, His nature, His heart, His ability(s)/capability(s). And so we want to look at the 'election' of man by man's Creator - it's character/nature, and it's relationship to GOD and man.

1. If it is by grace, then it is no more works:
grace is no more grace


2. If it be of works, then it is no more grace:
work is no more work

A key phrase is "no more": It is either works or grace, there is no such thing as grace + a little (or a lot) of works ><>< "no more" is nothing of the other: It is either one or the other - works or grace - All of one and none of the other. "No More"
Grace is only grace if there are no works involved;
works is only works if there is no grace involved
These are two very distinctly different items:
Works is of the flesh>
Grace is of the Spirit>
There is no union taking place between these two.
There's no melting together of the two.
Spirit and flesh are like water and oil they just do not mix.
Works and grace just do not mix.
It cannot be a combination of GOD'S graciousness and my 'good' deeds (works).
IF it is grace, it is NO MORE works.
(note: Spirit is referring to the Spirit of GOD)
Israel - the children of Jacob - the Jew - the Hebrew people, were and are a nation which GOD raised up for Himself. >>>> They ARE His chosen people - purely out of a sense or character of grace - graciousness.
He (GOD) created man - the human race.
Out of that (this - our) human race He chose a particular people - a people whom He raised up into a nation. They came out of the loins of Abraham (Genesis 12-21) ;
In Sarah and Abraham's union was brought forth from a dead womb a child, whose son, Jacob, bore 12 brothers. These 12 grew into a multitude known as Israel - the Jewish nation - GOD'S elect (or chosen) according to the flesh.

This is a picture of what is happening when a person excepts JESUS CHRIST. The impossible happens. Out of the womb of a spiritually dead human race is "born again", spiritually, a child of GOD:
This is allowed to take place,,,can only take place,,,and the mechanism or biology of how this takes place IS;
because, or by means of...JESUS becoming a man and shedding His blood on the cross and three days latter raising from the dead - all after living 33 years on this earth as a man and as GOD in perfect fulfillment of the law - i.e sinless!!
Through this means GOD had made a way for the spiritually dead to become alive - reborn. Just as Sarah's dead womb was impregnated with a living child - Issac. Just as the virgin Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit with JESUS -son of man
-Son of GOD
He is where the physical and the spiritual meet
He is where the faith and works meet
He is where grace and works meet
He did the works so you and I could have the grace
* * *
It must be noted:
The plan was to raise up a spiritual nation; to adopt sons and daughters; to have a kingdom of GOD; to have a church.
The method of accomplishing that was to raise up a physical nation (a 'chosen' people, or "elect" people) for GOD'S very own:
Give them the revelation of Himself ( i.e. His oracles, and His mighty deeds) to the whole of mankind:
Out of them give birth to an only (the only) begotten Son - JESUS;
Nail Him to a cross after He lived an absolutely perfectly sinless life (Fulfilled the Law in every respect);
And thus providing Righteousness, Reconciliation, Redemption, Atonement, and Adoption for ALL mankind -
(GOD is not willing that any should perish but that all might come unto repentance."
2Peter 3.....
"Whosoever will call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved." Romans 10.....
"For GOD so loved the world that He gave...that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish." John 3....)
That they could be fit to be His sons and daughters
His children....His chosen....His elect....His kingdom....His church....the body of CHRIST....the bride of CHRIST.
to the principalities and powers in heavenly places His "manifold wisdom"!!!! (Ephesians 3)

* * *
ELECTION is about Him being glorified

it is not

about me being elected.

His grace, His demonstration of it, His will in action.
SEE GOD --not man (self)
B. Election according to foreknowledge
Romans 11

"God has not cast away His people which He foreknew." 11:2

"For whom He did foreknow,
He also did predestinate...
Moreover whom He did predestinate them He also called,
and whom He called them He also justified..." Rms. 8

For some ungodly reason man has seemed to (or chosen to) overlook the "foreknowledge" of GOD. The very fact that GOD can look down the road of the future and see the every, and very thoughts and deeds of man does not seem to be a factor in the thinking of those who would choose to think GOD has denied them a choice having deliberately and/or aimlessly, and/or carelessly chosen you, me and not them; for no apparent, but mere arbitrary reason. Why? Tell me why does it say "Whom He foreknew He predestinated..... and called.....and justified....and glorified, and yet we will say (we being the such as calvanists) that GOD arbitrarily choses some and not others, and that we virtually have no say in the matter. Foreknowledge is not equal to tyranny over my will. I have a choice (but He must draw me, john 6). In Joshua is written, "Chose you this day whom you will serve" (ch.24). When we speak of "election" and bring foreknowledge into the picture we are unable to neglect the fact that 'the will of man' and 'sovereignty of GOD' are meeting face to face here.It would seem (at this point) that 'foreknowledge' is the link between man's will and GOD'S sovereignty. He makes a choice that will fulfill His purpose, but it is based on (at least in part) on the foreknowledge He has of what we will chose and/or do, and/or think.

GOD'S 'foreknowledge' >>> man being 'predestined' >>> man being 'called' >>> man being 'justified'.

This is not difficult! It is so simple a child can understand. The only way GOD chooses anyone is because He knows already before He chooses, what the answer to His call will be. WHOM HE FOREKNEW HE PREDESTINED; I mean it is hard to know what to say or whether I should say anything to expound this statement of Romans; God has stated it so clearly I can't imagine I, nor any other man, could be more clear than He. There is no arbitrary picking going on with or by GOD....He elects you because He knows you will accept. You are still doing the choosing and He is still doing the calling.
He offers a free gift to ANYONE & EVERYONE, but you can only have it if you accept it...It is a gift provided by GOD for every human being and received by or given to only those who accept it - reach out and take it from the out-stretched hand of GOD. You're 'elected' by GOD, predestined by GOD, called by GOD, and justified by GOD BECAUSE He knew ahead of time that when He came to the door and offered it to you you would reach out and take (accept) it! - He knew ahead of time that you would believe. How simple is this so-called doctrine of election???
You can not earn it; It is simply offered from a heart of pure graciousness
You must be called to it; you will not of your own accord seek it.
You are called to it because it is known you will accept it.
You were called - you accepted, therefore you are justified by Him.

If I come to your door and offer you a free gift, and you say "I don't believe anything is free, go on get" and so I get; who did not get the free gift? You. Why? Because I did not avail you to it? No because you did not receive it. Suppose I know ahead of time that you will not receive it so I skip coming to your door and go on to the next door, making my free offer, did I in fact reject you and choose your neighbor?

The calvanistic camp of thinking would have one believe that GOD chooses some and not others, and they would omit the fact that He is choosing those He knows will accept. There is no irresistable grace at work here...
GOD knew before I was born that when He came knocking at the door of my heart I would open the door and receive Him, SO, He came knockin'!!!
This neither negates my GOD given right to choose (the same right I might add that He - GOD, has) nor does it negate His sovereignty as GOD - He gets to choose, as GOD, whom He wants, and no human power nor heavenly power can stop nor contest it - He does that choosing by a criteria that He sets, a criteria that is equitable for ALL; a criteria that shows no favoritism nor partiality; a criteria that is so simple; will you accept if I call - I know you will so I'm calling you; OR I know you won't so I am not calling you.

It is NOT that, you are accepting, because, GOD is calling.
It IS that, GOD is calling, because, you are accepting.

C. Election according to the purpose
Romans 9

The seed of Abraham:
a. with Hagar, Ishmael (child of the flesh)
b. with Sarah, Issac (child of promise)

Israelites = to whom pertains:
* the adoption - the glory
* the covenants
* the giving of the law
* the service
* the promise

FIRST: To be an Israelite you had to be a child of promise - I.E. you were offspring of Issac - Issac was the son of Abraham and his wife Sarah - who was past child bearing years - Issac was a miracle baby: a child conceived in a dead womb, (a womb unable to produce a child); Issac was a promise FROM GOD and brought to fulfillment by GOD. He (Issac) was the result of GOD'S work, not man's: Whereas Ishmael was the work of man's so-called wisdom and power (effort) - the work of man, by man, to accomplish what GOD had promised.
Ishmael was the effort of carnal man, the flesh.
Ishmael was the result of man's logic;
Issac was the result of GOD'S promise:
Ishmael was the product of man's work;
Issac was the product of faith (believing GOD and trusting GOD), without man's logic.

Out of Issac comes two sons: Jacob and Esau
BEFORE they are born
GOD elects one to love and one to hate:
(note: before they were even born, they had done neither good nor evil, in that state of being is when GOD elects to love one (Jacob) and hate the other (Esau).)

GOD states here in verse 11 that election stands according to what GOD promises, NOT according to works. We ought note that in 2 Peter 1 we see that through the promises of GOD we partake of the divine nature. Here in Romans 9 we are being given the example of that in the articulation, by GOD, of His relationship with Israel. We see that the only way to be a child of GOD was according to what He promised, not what man did. To be a child of GOD is to partake of His divine nature - an indulgence of man that could only be through what He promised. One had to be Abraham's seed - you had to come out of the loins of Issac, Abraham's seed and GOD'S promise to Sarah/Abraham. The product of faith in the promise of GOD: A faith that did not entail the (carnal) wisdom of Abraham and Sarah which produced the seemingly witty decision to put Abraham and Sarah's maid, Hagar, together to get the child (son) GOD had promised:
No, the promise was made by GOD, and the promise was fulfilled by GOD: And therein lies the truth of our faith, and that truth is that we partake of the divine nature through the promises of GOD; no other way.

SECOND, election is done in accordance with a purpose. GOD is seeking to get something accomplished; It is not random selection, it is deliberate and purposeful choosing in order that a certain purpose - i.e. goal - be accomplished.

"...that the purpose of GOD
according to election might stand
not of works but of Him that calls..." vs. 11

"I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy
and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion..." vs. 15

"So then it is not of him that wills
nor him that runs,
but of GOD that shows mercy." vs. 16

"For the scripture says unto Pharoah,
even for this same purpose have I raised you up
that I might show my power in thee,
and that my name might be declared
throughout all the earth." vs. 17

In short the purpose of GOD is to receive the rightfully deserved glory that is His by virtue of His very existence and His handiwork as Creator. GOD wants to be known and acknowledged as GOD. He wants to be glorified. He wants to reveal Himself and be seen and loved and known for who He is.
* * * * * * *
Hence, such things as, 'If you want to know GOD and partake of His divine nature, it will only be through (by) trusting His promise and trusting Him to keep that promise: NOT, by my works He does - Therefore or therein He gets the glory - If Ishmael (the son of Abraham and Hagar the maid) and descendants were GOD'S children then Abraham & Sarah could take the credit for being so wise and sly in getting GOD'S Word (promise) fulfilled by what seemed logical.
GOD DOES life so that He alone gets glory.

It is at this point of supposition that I must tread lightly, for herein is a doorway to error. If I seek to prove my supposition (as stated in previous paragraph) to be right I am in danger of twisting scripture to make it support my belief in my heart that GOD'S very purpose in creating the heavens and earth, and man was to glorify Himself. That is to say, to bring attention to His very being and existence, To be lifted up, To be acknowledged and known for who He is. I believe and understand that this statement in Romans 9:11 refers to that fact, that GOD'S purpose is, at least in part, to be glorified in life; "...the purpose of GOD according to election might stand, not of works, but of Him that calls... that I might show my power and my name might be declared throughout ALL the earth."

Election is based in GOD
in man's works

This to me eludes to the fact (or 'supposition') that GOD seeks SOLE glory -
Election has to do with that - GOD elects so that He alone gets the glory or recognition for what has happened: And the real life example, on this earth, that He gives is Jacob and Esau: Neither one having done good nor evil, both unborn at the time GOD did the choosing to love one and hate the other. None of their (neither Jacob nor Esau) effort - works, good or bad - was the deciding factor at that point in time. And so He legitimately makes the statement in 9:15 "I will have... on whom I will..." [this is an OT quote from Exodus 33] and is followed by the statement "Therefore it is not of him that wills...nor...runs, but of GOD that shows..."

I would say,

GOD seemingly (at least seemingly) wants His mercy - His merciful nature - to be known:
If I can earn anything from GOD then I will NOT note His mercy.
BUT if I cannot earn anything from GOD, and He simply gives to me without my merit,
then, I will see that GOD is merciful;

If in fact GOD desires to be known, then His merciful nature can only be known if in fact He shows mercy. THEREFORE, election is based on what He wants and does, That way He can show mercy and get glorified for doing so. And He does so with absolute equity - He already knows ahead of time the willful choice of man. His grace (and mercy) is for all who will have it.
* * * * *
"For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek:
For the same LORD over all
is rich unto all
that call upon Him.
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD
shall be saved." 10:12/13
*** **** **** ****
After completing this posting on 'election' I read a passage in Jeremiah 18 which I think has relevance to our discussion of 'election'. I am going to write it out and challenge you to read and contemplate it's content in light of our topic. Please note that this is being quoted from the TANAKH which is a translation of the old Testament by a Jewish rabbi from the dead sea scrolls many years ago.
"The word which came to Jeremiah from the LORD;
'Go down to the house of a potter,
and there I will impart my words unto you.'
So I went down to the house of a potter,
and found him working at the wheel.
And if the vessel he was making was spoiled,
as happens to clay in the potter's hands,
he would make it unto another vessel,
such as the potter saw fit to make it.
Then the word of the LORD came to me:
'O house of Israel,
can I not deal with you like this potter?- says the LORD.
Just like clay in the hands of the potter,
so are you in my hands, O house of Israel!
At one moment I may decree that a nation or kingdom
shall be uprooted and pulled down and destroyed;
but if that nation against which I made the decree
turns back from it's wickedness,
I change my mind concerning
the punishment I planned to bring on it.
At another moment I may decree
that a nation or a kingdom
shall be built and planted;
but if it does what is displeasing to me
and does not obey me,
then I change my mind
concerning the good I planned to bestow upon it.
And now say to the men of Judah
and the inhabitants of Jerusalem:
Thus said the LORD;
I am devising disaster for you and laying plans against you.
Turn back, each of you, from your wicked ways,
and mend your ways and your actions!
But they will say, It is no use.
We will keep on following our plans;
each of us will act in the willfulness of his evil heart."

I would challenge you to read the ensuing comments of our LORD in this chapter. One comment I would make and that is, The will of man and the sovereignty of GOD are both obvious to me in this passage, as is the fact that GOD can and will choose to do what He deems best, and, He will do so equitably and justly, and with mercy and grace.

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